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    A beam of rosemary and mimosa glimmering against a field of cut hay and ambrette seed.


    Late September steals the dying breath of summer: golden flowers, golden fields, golden skin.


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Customer Reviews

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The mischievous, younger sibling to "Soft Woods"

Sweet Grass is a carefree, carefully crafted concoction of soft florals and herbs nestled in a rich, earthy cradle - I was spellbound. It gives me hardcore witch's cottage / woodsy apothecary vibes: a safe haven to stop, rest, be rejuvenated, and maybe even let out your inner child to romp and explore nature's wonders. The hay and oakmoss undertones provoke a curious animalistic impression, like there may be small livestock or pets nearby - a calming, spiritual, furry companion you can't quite discern, but you feel their bright eyes playfully stalking you from a shadowy hideaway. The layering of lavender over tobacco provides such a uniquely beautiful and medicinal balance that you can almost hear the soft grind of the mortar and pestle crushing them together whenever a gentle breeze wafts toward your face. It's an invitation to lay back in the late afternoon warmth in an open field and let out a deep sigh of contentment. Whenever I smell it on my skin, I notice the corners of my mouth instinctively curl up into a slight smile, remembering past summer romances and certain scenes from Studio Ghibli movies. Sweet Grass is a must-have spring/summer scent, but is a versatile, year-round love potion to bring out the adventurous innocence in both you and a special someone.

Bobby W
Joining the choir!

I’ll join the choir of praise for sweetgrass!
I knew right away that I was going to buy a full size.
Each time I wear this someone notices and comes a little closer to take a big breath in. It really does smell like the sweetest summer you ever knew. Carefree & gorgeous. Well blended, has a presence but not at all overpowering.
I also love that it doesn’t use actual sweetgrass to capture the effect (the plant being both sacred & endangered.) It’s just perfect, please never change the formula !
Never stop making this 🙏 !!!

Azeneth Dockemeyer

I absolutely love this scent, the first time I smelled this fragrance it took me back to my childhood driving the back roads on a windy summer day and asking what that heavenly smell was . Sweet grass, I was told. In love with it since. You have captured the scent in a bottle, thank you!!

Love This Perfume

Every time I wear this, I'm happy! It's such a beautiful aromatic perfume, that reminds me of late summer grasses. It's calming and gorgeous, and also really easy to wear in most situations. Highly recommend!!

Linda Pringle
The Scent of Nostalgia

Sweet Grass is an incredible fragrance that takes you from a high note of aromatic rosemary almost immediately into the warm, sweet, earthy scent of mowed hay and is reminiscent of the end of summers past growing up in rural Alberta. It is a subtle scent which is as much at home paired with that little black dress as it is with a favourite pair of blue jeans.

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