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Good Scents 2023 | Our Annual Donation Event

At Libertine, our commitment to quality extends beyond the realms of material and process; it is deeply intertwined with our core values and beliefs. In an era where cognitive dissonance and pessimism are offered as rational responses to the complexities of our world, we firmly believe that embracing hope and fostering positive impact serves as a far more powerful collective ethos.


This year marks the sixth year of our donation event, Good Scents. From November 1st to the 19th, 100% of the profits made on our platform are dedicated to supporting, an organization tirelessly working to provide access to higher education for indigenous youth nationwide through grants and scholarships. In supporting this work, we also voice our support ⁠to indigenous people across the globe and our stance against settler colonialism and white supremacy.


Through this small effort, we have raised thousands of dollars for Indspire over the years, and any order you make through our website during this time helps us to reach this year's goal. We thank you for participating in solidarity with this great cause and helping our small business thrive with purpose. 


Read more about Indspire here:

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