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  • 15ml Travel Sized Eau de Parfum


    A canopy of citrus guards, a mossy blanket cast a floral bed, something dark, rich, and alive


    A wild bouquet of roses is hidden in the forest for you. You cannot stay civilized and find it. Run barefoot. Let your hair tangle. Leave the modern in the past.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
edwardian vampire in brocade velvet

This rose. She can have my heart on a platter. She is a vampire who lives out her days in woodland glens of moss and streaming brooks. Though she will never eat them, she keeps a bowl of apricots in a brass bowl inside of the tree she has built a home in, winding stairways to the top. She has lived through every age and prefers the solace of the woods. She has known the highest court and the deepest sin but she is pure at heart and an old soul. She opens her red velvet curtains to every dawn to breathe in the morning dew. Apart from this mystical envisioned story that is evoked for me, it reminds me of what kind of perfume Patrice from the movie Kate & Leopold that Charlie has a crush on might be wearing as a signature scent. She’s got a vampire grunge vibe but appreciates art and poetry. This is the kind of uplifting dewy green, red rose I need to smell during PNW winters to lift my spirits. It is at once tinkling and archaic as it is elegant and alluring. I layer with Soft Woods to burn into a mystical rose incarnate, or wear with patchouli or vanilla to become a little more earthy or edible.

KP Dee

I had ordered a sample collection a while ago that included Fin de Siecle. On first spray I was reminded of the scent of Thrills gum, but not sweet. I was hooked once the little one ran out and I bought the travel size. It is a sultry rosewater and licorice scent on my skin. It's clean, but not sterile. It's Caprina goats milk soap in a tub full of warm water while you sip a glass of merlot. It's the kind of scent that goes on great and only gets better on my skin through the day. It isn't a scent you will find at the perfume counter (do these still exist?) and you will likely be asked about it more than once. I have officially adopted it as my fall/winter signature.

Sheryl B
Stunning dark rose

I have both the oil and perfume in Fin de Siècle... I love it so much. A romantic, vintage vibe without feeling ‘Old’. A real hidden gem! Lasts well and stays beautiful through its life.

Nathalie Samson

An Edwardian walk in the garden and travel ready format. Brilliant as always!

Leona Petrak
Fin de Siècle Perfect Oil

This is a lovely scent that stays with me for hours and remains true. The roller bottle is practical and remains safe in my purse when I choose to take it along.
I’ll choose other scents from this line according to seasons. Terrific product.

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