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  • Smells Like...

    Hazy, midday sun warming roses and cedar, the warm smoke of incense curls around fir.

    In Other Words...

    Bright morning light raked by tender green needles. A gradual warmth, an awakening. The speckled light of summer light sets the forest ablaze.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
A 5-Star Rating Isn't Enough

This is the scent I was most excited for when I selected my samples...and it surpassed all expectations. I won't bury the lede: I have never been so moved by a fragrance. It's the first and only to ever make me cry (I'm being very serious) - tears of sadness, joy, despair, peace - a concoction of emotions as complex as the perfume itself. Soft Woods evoked memories of my late grandparents' funerals, of family trips to the New Hampshire mountains and Saco River in the summer, and of long walks alone in the woods behind my childhood home. If I were to describe this scent in one word, it would be "ancestry:" connection to and communion with the planet, something at once mystical and familiar; a part of myself and yet beyond anything I've ever experienced before. It's as though you've distilled and decanted the very spirit of the Earth, or swiped Gaia's most cherished vintage atomizer off a mossy oak dresser deep within her forest chambers under the dappled sunlight of a lazy afternoon, the air filled with heady cicada song covering the sounds of your retreat. I'm typically not a huge fan of rose, often finding it overpowering and at times harshly synthetic, especially when among the top notes. However, I was so impressed and caught off guard with how heavily I melted into the rose. Paired on the base with vanilla and frankincense, it develops into a slightly decayed and smoky transcendence that conjured up images of offerings at an altar. The juniper, cedarwood, and balsam fir set the scene for the black pepper to ignite this heavenly tribute ablaze. Soft Woods was an instantaneous purchase (you're darn right I got the 100 mL!) and has unequivocally earned a spot in my Top 3 all-time favorites. I would even go as far to say my current No. #1. Hats off to you, Josh! Truly a masterpiece!

Perfect Blend

This scent is the perfect balance of smokey and spicy with a hint of sweetness - it's exactly the kind of warming scent I enjoy wearing in the fall / winter.

tina zitello
Delicate woods

Soft and green and then the rose comes thru!, lovely just wish it had more staying power.

Lovely aromatic rose scent

This was the biggest surprise, based on the notes I didn't think I would like it but I absolutely love it. It smells mostly like vanilla bourbon and rose on me and then the juniper starts working its way up but it's always in the background and it just works so well with the other notes.

Sal Somma
Evolves All Day

Nice clean blast of cool wet realistic evergreen to forest floor ending with something warm and cozy. Darn nice stuff.

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