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A look back at our Luca Turin review

I just wanted to write a little bit about the biggest thing to happen to Libertine over the summer. That was of course having our perfumes reviewed (positively!) by the giant in the world of smells, Luca Turin. 

Luca Turin along with being perfume and aroma obsessed has written some of the least presumptuous, most insight full and charming perfume reviews in his book Perfumes: The A-Z guide. He is brutally honest and gives critique exactly where it is deserved with no allegiance or favoritism to any brand or house.  

In early spring we had heard whispering in the perfume world that Dr. Turin was looking for niche brands to review on his new blog. Without trying to be too devious we managed to obtain an address. We gently packaged up all of them Libertine line after gently kissing each one and sent them off. Unsure who exactly resided at this mystery address we were given. 

Truthfully I expected nothing to come of it. Libertine though passionately ran is a small (very small) niche perfume house and besides that we are from Canada, certainly not a olfactory mecca  or even contender. Then one morning on the way to a neighboring city do a sale my phone exploded. I feverishly tried to figure out what was going on and realized it was the review. My heart sank a little, certain that our little perfume house could not have received the praise that was bestowed upon other more connected, more established houses. As I read the article a wicked smile whipped across my face. He liked them! Not only did he like them but with his skilled nose pulled out aspects no one had before. The only thing I could have wished for is a fair shot. Such a fine review from such a monumental figure is more than I could have dreamed of. 

To read the review and the other great posts by Luca Turin go to

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